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“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”


Katzizi Kittens

Kitten Availabilities

* New matings are planned for early 2022 - watch this space for updates *

When enquiring please tell us if you are looking for a sibling pair or an individual companion kitten for your resident cat.

Jasiri Release The Djinn of Katzizi & Katzizi Deja Vue

Champion WildBengals Helios of Katzizi & Katzizi Sheherazade

We are looking forward to a mixture of spotted-rosetted and his marble patterned kittens in our next two litters. They are very likely to display the sought after whited countershading pattern, also known as “whited tummy”.
Get in touch for more information and with any questions you may have if you would like to be added to our waiting list. Don’t forget to include info about yourself as our kittens are available to approved and vetted homes only.
Priority and discount is given for a pair of kittens. Single kittens are available under certain circumstances, i.e. as a companion kitten for another cat/pet or if released as a therapy pet. In both instances we like to discuss your requirements and consider carefully how we can help you best.
Occasionally we are able to offer an adult Bengal adoption (adoption fee) with a companion Bengal kitten (full price).

Most recent Katzizi Kittens

Below is a selection of our most recent brown spotted-rosetted and marble-patterned kittens. They have all found their new homes.

Katzizi Kitten Gallery

Below gallery contains some of our previous kittens. A fair few are showing off whited countershaded pattern already, which the majority of them kept into adulthood.

Most of those kittens went to live as much loved & adored pets with new families.

A few select kittens became Kings and Queens, most of them here at Katzizi but a few went to live in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

new litters are Anticipated for January/February 2022

Get in Touch

To enquire for kitten availabilities or to find out more about adopting an adult please reach out via email.

Kindly include relevant information about yourself and your circumstances to help us consider which of our Bengals may be suitable for your life style and your expectations.

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