Katzizi Kittens

A new litter is anticipated end of November 2022

Champion Spice Zaatar of Katzizi & Katzizi Vani

We look forward to brown spotted-rosetted kittens. There is a good chance of whited countershading pattern and the possibility of some marble patterned kittens.

Expected end of November 2022. Ready for re-home from end of February 2023 onwards.
Kittens will leave fully vaccinated, flea free, wormed, microchipped, TICA registered, litter trained and exceptionally well socialised. Included is also 4 weeks free insurance and an extensive info pack on diet and all-things-Bengal. We also give our kittens some blankets and toys to take with them to help them settle in their new home and offer the new owners ample advice on how to settle and introduce them to their new home and families.
Our single pet price is £1000 and includes all the above, so no further veterinary costs for spay/neuter and vaccinations until the kitten’s annual booster a year later.
Pet kittens are spayed/neutered prior to re-home. We sell entire cats/kittens only to registered breeders with approved & vetted catteries. 
We like to get to know our kitten buyers a bit before agreeing on a kitten viewing and prior to a reservation. This is to ensure that our kittens go to responsible owners, so please don’t forget to include info about yourself, your family (if applicable) and your home when you email us.
Priority and discount is given for a pair of kittens. Bengals are exceptionally sociable and crave 24/7 companionship. While single kittens appear to be happy initially, when remaining single pets into adulthood this will often result in behavioural issues. 
Single kittens are available only under certain circumstances, i.e. as a companion kitten for another cat/pet or if released as a therapy pet. In both instances we like to discuss your requirements and consider carefully how we can help you best.
Occasionally we are able to offer an adult Bengal for adoption (adoption fee applies) which can be accompanied by a companion kitten (full kitten price). 

Champion Spice Zaatar of Katzizi
& Katzizi Sheherazade

3 Boys & 2 Girls - Born 29. August 2022

***All kittens are booked now ***

Katzizi Kittens

A handful of cuteness

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”


Katzizi Kitten Gallery

Below gallery contains some of our previous kittens. A fair few are showing off whited countershaded pattern already, which the majority of them kept into adulthood.

Most of those kittens went to live as much loved & adored pets with new families.

A few select kittens became Kings and Queens here at Katzizi and two kittens went to live in Germany and Switzerland.


Location: Hertfordshire, UK




We respectfully ask to be contacted via email or WhatsApp messenger before ringing us. 

T. (+44) 07951 672897

Alternatively you can reach out via FACEBOOK messenger. A link to our page is below.

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To enquire for kitten availabilities or to find out more about adopting an adult please reach out via email.

Kindly include relevant information about yourself and your circumstances to help us consider which of our Bengals may be suitable for your life style and your expectations.