Coming up for Adoption

Jasiri Release the Djinn

Djinn is 2 years old and going to retire from stud duties in Autumn 2021. As we are keeping a number of his offspring he is now related to the majority of our females. He will be neutered and then be made available to a 5* loving pet home.

We like to plan months ahead of any adoption, not just to find the right home, but also to give his future owners plenty of time and opportunity to prepare for their new family member’s arrival. It may be that you need to escape proof your garden, build a cat run or save up for the purchase of a cat wheel and cat furniture.

His new home should be spacious and ideally have an escape proof garden as Djinn is athletic and has lots of energy to burn. To ensure his safety he is NOT available to free roaming homes. We ask to do home checks prior to any adoption and follow up afterwards. Our adoption contract is very specific in those points.

Djinn is a very affectionate and cuddly boy and needs an owner who is either retired or working from home indefinitely (not just during Covid restrictions). His new human buddy must be prepared to spend time and play with him rather than just “be around”. Being a true Bengal he needs mental stimulation as much as being offered the right environment for running and climbing.

Djinn is fed “Purrform Raw” and will need a continuation of the exact same diet.

Enquiries via E-mail please with information about yourself and your circumstances.

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To enquire  please reach out via email. Kindly include relevant information about yourself and your circumstances to help us consider if one of our adult Bengals may be suitable for your life style and your expectations.