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Please include a contact telephone number.

Quadruple Grand Champion Katzizi Zorina

Katzizi Asher



Brown spotted-rosetted mother & son

*Can be adopted as a pair or on their own.

Both cats are spayed & neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and TICA registered. Both cats have a clean bill of health. Their current PetPlan insurance policy should be transferable to the new owner (tbc).

Your circumstances:

1. You own a spacious home and aim to provide an escape proof garden or catio. These cats are NOT streetwise and NOT allowed to free-roam!

2.  Great news: the cats come with their own top notch “Protectapet” equipment, ready for their new owner to install. This is an amazing opportunity! 

3. You are happy to continue feeding them their current high quality raw PURRFORM diet. Please check PURRFORM website for info and prices.

4. You are certain that no one in your household is allergic to cats!!!

5. You don’t have or care for babies/toddlers in your home, or plan on starting a family.

Older, sensible children/teenagers would be fine. 

6. You are a (or you live with at least one) permanently work-from-home person. An active, retired person/couple would be ideal.

Zorina and Asher will come with all their cat trees, litter boxes, carriers and bedding. There is also some outdoor equipment and a fabulous CAZAMI cat wheel which the cats LOVE to run on. Everything is in immaculate condition. If re-homed individually the equipment is shared between new owners.

When enquiring please do so by telling me about yourselves with reference to above points. All genuine adoption requests will be reviewed in regards to the cat’s needs, so please don’t hold back with info on yourselves! 

Current location of cats: Liverpool area

New home in St. Albans & Hertfordshire area would be amazing but not essential.

Enquiries to

Adoption fee on enquiry and depending on how much equipment is released with the cat/s.

We have a stunning young female coming up for adoption early 2023. Please enquire via email.