Katzizi Bengals

Our Kings

Ch Spice Za'atar of Katzizi 

Born 21/02/2021

Za’atar is N/N for PRAb and for PK-Def.

Scanned normal for HCM – May 2022

“Spice Za’atar of Katzizi” (Vom Karwendelberg Monte Carlo of Spice x Spice Aralia) came to us all the way from Switzerland.

The whited and non-whited cats in the pedigree behind him are simply amazing and the health screening, including monitoring for HCM, in his line is impeccable.

Za’atar’s temperament also is fantastic! Bengals as resilient to stress as Za’atar are hard to come and we hope that he passes this trait to his future kittens. 

We love his wild expression and beautiful head type, particularly visible in profile view. Za’atar has a near straight profile followed by a gently curved outline across the top- and back skull. A similarly even curve also goes across from one side of his head to the other, without a ridge above the eyes. A major achievement in true-to-type breeding!

His coat is short and close lying, giving his pattern a crisp outline and strong contrast. 

Djinn is now retired and enjoys life as a pampered pet.

Jasiri Release The Djinn of Katzizi

Born 1 August 2019

Sire: Solanaranch Serendipity

Dam: Jasiri Nutmeg

Djinn is N/N for PRAb and for PK-Def.

Djinn is a Lynx Point, blue eyed Snow Bengal boy. He is a very chatty and super friendly boy who loves his cuddles. 

We adore Djinn’s body structure and beautiful head type. His coat has the soft, pelted quality many Bengals lack these days. One of his special coat traits is extreme golden glittering across his whole body which makes him looks like he has been sprinkled with  sparkly fairy dust! 

We get many comments on his spotted paws by fellow Bengal enthusiasts. Also his spots have fabulous horizontal flow across his torso. A thick, medium long tail completes the picture.

Helios is now retired and enjoys life as a pampered pet.

Ch WildBengal Helios of Katzizi

Born 30 March 2017

Sire: TGC Batifoleur Jabari

Dam: Sherakan Magic Moment

Helios is N/N for PRAb and for PK-Def

His most recent & normal HCM routine scan was on March 17th 2021.

Helios is brown spotted Bengal with medium sized rosettes with good acreage. He has the sweetest disposition which has led to him getting booked frequently for various media jobs.  

We love his cool, sandy brown coat and the lighter creamy colouring on his belly. Helios has beautiful large green eyes, small & rounded well set ears and gentle head contours. 

Helios travelled here all the way from Italy. We will always be grateful to Patrizia from WildBengals for entrusting us with this wonderful boy